Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween to everyone. Perhaps most of you (especially the kids) are busy trick or treating around the neighborhood or celebrating a Halloween party. Halloween is usually observed at the last hour of October 31st. It also derived from a Scottish word meaning All-Hallows-Even or ‘evening’. Common activities during this day is the trick or treat, costume party, pumpkin carving contest, ghost story telling and horror films played at the movie house.

So, to all people celebrating Halloween all over the world, enjoy and have great hallow night!!!

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Toxic Drywall

Are you currently moving to a new house or redecorating your place particularly your wall area or ceiling? Make sure that you are using the right and safe materials. Some Chinese drywall that you or others might be using is quite dangerous because it contains toxic ingredients or materials. It’s possible that it emits poisonous sulfur gases, it also corrodes copper wiring, it destroys your furnishings or fabrics and it also damages your air conditioners and appliances. With this warning, we must take extra precaution in using this thing or report it right authority. We must take extra measure to keep ourselves away from harm that might damage our health because of what is around us. Our home is a place where we should live harm-free and away from unhealthy surroundings. If you want to know more about this particular drywall, you can visit this site and learn more about the dangers that it can contribute to our health. If you are a victim already, you can put it into legal action and file it in court. Remember, this is your right since you are fighting for your safety here.
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Book By Zafon

Yaay! My friends let me borrow their books and I felt guilty because I have not yet read it, hehe. Right now, I have here The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I don’t know the plot of the story yet and my friend just told me it’s quite dark, and that what made me curious about this book. I’ll just post later my review on this book. But if you have read it, you’re welcome to share your opinion with me here. Perhaps I’m going to start reading this book as soon as I’m done with this entry, hehe. Oh, Halloween’s almost near. I guess some of you are preparing for a hallow or costume party or others may be busy carving their pumpkins.. So, have a great one!!!
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Controversial Glee GQ Photos

I used to hear people giving positive feedback on Glee Show until I finally gave in and watch the show. I came to love it and I guess I became one of the Gleeks. My 7 year old daughter also watched with me and my husband because she liked music very much. However, as the story progressed, the episode requires adult supervision. Sometimes, I watched ahead to see if it’s suitable for kids. Season 2 came and one of the episodes tackles about homosexuality. I’ve nothing against homos but when they showed 2 female characters making out made me decide not to let my daughter watch the show. I know it’s in my power to discuss to my child about sexuality but she’s only 7 and it’s hard for her to comprehend such thing. So, I guess it’s better if I let her watch Dora the Explorer, Animal Planet or any Educational show on TV. Recently, I’ve just browsed on the internet wherein some Glee members posed a steamy shot for GQ magazine. Now, what’s on their mind?! Rachel Berry wearing skimpy panty licking a lollipop? What was she trying to prove? Isn’t her popularity not enough for her? I’ve not seen the rest of the pictures but Quinn and Finn are also on the cover of GQ. Others may have defended that Glee is indeed an adult show and not like high school musical, but the characters they were portraying were high school students! And whether we like it or not, some kids really do watch this show especially those who are musically inclined. So, I can’t blame some parents to react because the show aims to reach out to viewers, even giving each show some moral values to the audience and now what have the stars did to their own show?

I might still watch Glee but I will never let my child see this show again. And that’s what I call – Parental Guidance! (image source: click the pics)

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Designer Sunglasses

Everywhere I go, I always bring with me my sunglasses. I find it hard to go out or drive when the sun is glaring. I want my eyes to be protected whenever I walk under the heat of the sun because it truly hurts my eyes. My sunglasses right now has a big frame and I like it this way since it also covers my brows and the lower part of the eye area. However, it’s quite old already and even the scratches are very visible. I thought of buying a new one and perhaps I will go for a Designer Sunglasses. I found one design that would compliment the angle of my face, which is oval. I’ve seen it online and it’s cute and classy. I might splurge on this one since I know I’ll definitely use it apart from the protection it gives me. I haven’t even bought a gift for myself so, perhaps this will be a Christmas gift for myself. Since I’ve tried Ray Ban sunglasses before but I might try Dolce and Gabbana this time. I think their design is chic and I wear use it anywhere I go.
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Gemma Doyle Trilogy

I am finally finished reading the book my friend lent me. I thought it would only take me a few days to read it but it actually took me more than a month to finish it, whew! It was Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle Trilogy book. I’ve read the first 2 books within a week only. But due to lots of things to do and other matters to mind, I ended up getting too tired to read it.
Anyway, the book was all about magic, friendship, romance and a life of teenage girls in an exclusive school. I don’t know if I was entertained or not. I don’t even know how I will judge the book. Because for me, their friendship was very conditional. The heroine of the story was an underdog even though she can be powerful if she wanted to. There were plenty of regrets in the story and I don’t know if there was a moral value in the story or not. I only like the part where Gemma and her friends went to the realms and what creatures they would see in there. Maybe I just felt that Gemma’s magical power was kind of wasted. She protected a lot of things only to sacrifice a lot. Well, the first two books were New York Times bestsellers so perhaps I perceived the book differently from the rest. So, I guess I would still be glad in reading it because I’ve learned the works of other authors.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the movie that I can’t wait to watch. I’ve been an avid reader of this J.K. Rowling books that I also look forward in watching the movie version. The last installment will be finally shown next month, however, they cut the movie into half. Well, at least I still have something to look forward to. As an avid reader, it’s quite hard to part with this story who’s main characters I came to love. Oh well, everything has an ending so I’d better live with it…

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